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Dot Grid Journals

No more chaotic piles of memos, and no more annoying reminder apps: The latest trend in scheduling is known as "Bullet Journaling". It uses pen and paper, which is presumably precisely the reason behind its astonishing success. The system, which was "invented" by New York graphic designer Ryder Carroll, is based on a notebook with blank (or lined/checked) pages that can be arranged to create a customized calendar: Using a table of contents and a yearly overview, users divide up their to-do lists into monthly, weekly and daily plans, and can add extra pages for personal projects or interests. Tasks are marked using bullet points, arrows or "X" symbols, allowing users to see at a glance which tasks have already been completed, and which "uncompleted" tasks need to be moved to the following page. As simple as it is efficient, the technique already has hundreds of thousands of fans, who exchange information and tips relating to their Bullet-Journal experiences on blogs and on Instagram.

Great for creating calendars, journals, diaries, and mixed media works.

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